Saturday Sale Stories 2-18-12 to 2-24-12

I was about to write that I had crappy sales this week. But then I looked at my spreadsheet and realized I forgot to input whole weekend worth of sale numbers into it. I did it really fast and numbers are not that bad. But still, comparing to last week they were lower by almost a half…

Of course part of the problem I have no motivation to dig through piles and piles of unlisted clothes and work them into my store. I have such a hard time making myself stick to the schedule and list list list. Things were chaotic at home and nothing gets done right: my hubby cannot work on his next book, my kids don’t get to go to the park very often and as a result I don’t get to drug my butt out of limbo and list list list. I tell you listing makes all the difference. If no new items come to your store customers stop looking there. So note to myself: instead of spreading myself too thin concentrate on filling my store. It’s not like I lack of merchandise

Last week, one I could not write about because I was away for a weekend, I made $137.11. But this week I only made $61.86. Boo-hoo.

Anywho, these are my sales for the week.

While I was away on long weekend trying to keep my sons from destroying San Diego hotel, I had following sales:

THC hooded sweatshirt best offer $16.25 with free shipping. Made $8.88 after shipping and fees

I did not have much hopes for this sweater – it’s so ordinary and had a logo and it is pre-owned but I had it in my store for less then a month, so its sold fairly quickly. This sweater sold just before I went away for three day weekend and in a middle of my Internet outage. I shipped it out on Tuesday. I message the buyer with explanation and apology early Saturday morning saying I will ship first thing on Tuesday I never heard back from them.

Funny thing just yesterday I got an email from someone asking if I will realist this sweater as according to her it ended without sale and she really like to have it. I politely explained that it was sold, has been paid for, and is already on the way to new owner. I told this person that if I get a return for any reason I will contact her.

Dressbarn pleated tank top. Best offer $10 with free shipping. Made $6.46 after shipping and fees

This was a super quick sale I listed it a week before it sold. I had hard time finding words to describe it and did not think it would sell so quickly.
This top also sold on Saturday morning when there was Internet outage and I was heading out of the door. It is going to a military wife based on P.O. address. I contacted her as well but never heard back from her either. I hope I won’t earn dings on my starts from either of them.

Baby boy blue security blanket planes trains trucks. Best offer $17.50 with free shipping. Made $9.79 after shipping and fees

I bought this at the garage sale from rather obnoxious unfriendly people. I rarely get out to garage sales as I don’t drive myself and dragging my husband and two kids around is nobody’s idea of fun in my family. The garage sale where I bought this blanket was the last one we were going to stop at because everyone around me in a car was melting, big and small. I already got few cool things that trip but garage sale fever took over me and I was pouting that it had to be a last stop. I felt to make it worth while I had to buy something at this sale. But everything was overpriced, and my kids were whiny and wanted to get more toys. So I quickly spotted few things, couple of which I immediately put back upon learning the price. But I could not make myself walk away empty handed. So I paid $3 for this blanket, thought it was in like new condition, but did not examine it closely. When I got home I saw that owners neatly folded over a medium size stain. I am not good with removing stains. I think I need to borrow Karina’s, a blogger over at Anti Social network, mom as I hear she is great at removing stains from everything. I suck at it big time. But I hoped it would be one of those stains that would come out by itself in a wash. Took couple washes and spraying stain release thingy on it but stains got lifted. I priced this blanket high but after couple months I lowered the price. My iPhone alerted me I had an offer on it while I was having milkshake with my Bonanza friend over the weekend. I looked at the offer and complained about how low it was. Later when I was by myself I decided to counteroffer at slightly higher price then what I wanted to get for this blanket. I did not have much hopes for it as usually my counteroffers get ignored and expire. But this buyer accepted my counteroffer and I sold it. I did want a lot more for this blanket but considering it sat in my store for several months I will take a little profit that I made. Next time I really should not buy something that I think is overpriced or I have little possibility of making nice profit from. As Tina says ‘work smarter nor harder!’

Nightmare before Christmas Jack Skellington purple tank top. Best offer $15 with free shipping. Made $11.08 after shipping and fees

This tank top sat in my store since around Halloween. I was digging through my endless supply of clothes and first found Nightmare before Christmas pajama bottoms. Three weeks after I listed them I found a tank top to go with them. I was too lazy to take different pictures at that time and redo listing to include tank top too. In addition to it I had 7 watchers on those pants. So I listed tank separately. I sold pants sometime around Christmas. But this tank top sat around for another month and a half with many watchers. Finally someone made me an offer and it was one I was happy to begin with. I am glad it finally found an owner.

Gillian O'Malley leopard print lounge pants. Best offer $20 with free shipping. Made $14.80

Good brand to buy if you see it in thrift stores or garage sales. I looked at completeds on free Terapeak and it does sell for decent amount with good sell through rate. For me it was a quick and easy turn around. These pants have been in my store only 3 weeks. I know if I list more regularly I would have a lot more sales. Prior to being listed they sat in my to be listed pile for two months or longer….

Orange halter top and shorts for 5 y. o. girl. Best offer 15 with free shipping. Made $10.79 after shipping and fees

This 2 piece outfit sat in my store for close to a year. Maybe I listed it during off season but it never caught anyone’s interest until I recently ended old Good Until Cancelled listing, tweaked my title and raised price on sell similar listing. Immediately I had few watchers and it was bought fairly soon after that. Power of sell similar option! I should have used it sooner.


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